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1. Students may not have a job or source of income at this time, and that is alright; however, it is important that they begin to understand the importance of finances. Learning skills such as budgeting are crucial at this stage. Encouraging students to use a savings account is a step toward financial planning in high school.
2. Parents should encourage their children to explore new interests and develop talents. Letting students explore potential passions allow children to begin forming plans for the future. It is in this early phase that students begin to consider future fields of study. Cultivating a wide range of talents and interests help create a solid foundation for future decisions and a well-rounded student..
3. Perhaps the most crucial step for parents in this phase is financial planning. It is never too early to develop a plan and begin college savings. Tuition prices across the United States are rising. Tuition alone can be pricey, and there are the added expenses of board, food, and travel as well. College Board has released a chart revealing the average tuition, food, and board rates for colleges in 2015-2016 to guide parents’ financial expectations.
4. Students will be allowed to go home early with the written permission by the principal.
5. Parents are requested to fill and forward the feedback form regularly.
6. In Case of any change in the name of student, father's name or mother name your have to summit application regarding the same with a photo copy of affidivited with Original. ( briginal will be refure after cheek)

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